• Song:


  • Artist:

    Ka'au Crater Boys

  • Album:

    Valley Style

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Intro:  C Am F G7   3x


C                Am
Surf is the only way I say
        F                    G7
To make music with the ocean day by day
C                   Am
I surf all day play music all night
       F                        G7
And I just can?t wait ?till the morning light go...

         C                 Am             F
Chorus:  Surf      woo     woo    wah     ooh
         G7                 C              Am            F
         Surf every body go surf    woo    woo   wah     ooh
         Surf Surf

    C                  Am
I check all the island breaks I know
        F                 G7
But the place I go is the Kaiser Bowl
   C                          Am
I surf with the guys from the Kaiser surf crew
       F              G7
Daddy, Mooch, Bob and Dennis too.  We all...

            Dm                                 G7
Bridge:     Waimea, Sunset, Pipeline, Haleiwa, Belzy Land
               Dm                 D7                G7
            Bomburas, Rock Piles, Ala Moana and the Kaiser Bowl

Everybody go...

Chorus / Instrumental / Chorus

C                      Am
Once you learn all the radical moves
  F                    G7
I know it will put you in the groove
C                  Am
Go off the lip and in the tube
   F            G7
If I can do it, so can you. So go...


C               Am
Surf will never never die
           F                G7
?Cause the feeling makes me fly so high
   C                Am
My love for surf is very strong
       F             G7
So the ocean is where I belong. We go...

Chorus / Bridge / Chorus
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