• Song:


  • Artist:

    Ka'au Crater Boys

  • Album:

    Valley Style

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Intro:  C5 A5 F5 G5   3x


C5                A5
Surf is the only way I say
        F5                    G5
To make music with the ocean day by day
C5                   A5
I surf all day play music all night
       F5                        G5
And I just can?t wait ?till the morning light go...

         C5                 A5             F5
Chorus:  Surf      woo     woo    wah     ooh
         G5                 C5              A5            F5
         Surf every body go surf    woo    woo   wah     ooh
         Surf Surf

    C5                  A5
I check all the island breaks I know
        F5                 G5
But the place I go is the Kaiser Bowl
   C5                          A5
I surf with the guys from the Kaiser surf crew
       F5              G5
Daddy, Mooch, Bob and Dennis too.  We all...

            D5                                 G5
Bridge:     Waimea, Sunset, Pipeline, Haleiwa, Belzy Land
               D5                 D5                G5
            Bomburas, Rock Piles, Ala Moana and the Kaiser Bowl

Everybody go...

Chorus / Instrumental / Chorus

C5                      A5
Once you learn all the radical moves
  F5                    G5
I know it will put you in the groove
C5                  A5
Go off the lip and in the tube
   F5            G5
If I can do it, so can you. So go...


C5               A5
Surf will never never die
           F5                G5
?Cause the feeling makes me fly so high
   C5                A5
My love for surf is very strong
       F5             G5
So the ocean is where I belong. We go...

Chorus / Bridge / Chorus
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