• Song:

    I Can't Do It Without You

  • Artist:

    Kaiser Chiefs

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E D A G e | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- | B | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- | G | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- | D | -------2------2-0-4b----2-0---0-0-2---2-5b------4-2-0---0-0-2-------------- | A | -----2------------------------------0-------------------------------------- | E | -0------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
Verse 1: E5 D5 None of the buildings even look the same, A5 G5 And underneath them all the shops have changed, E5 D5 And over time I'll earn a lot more praise, A5 G5 Stacking boxes, we are professionals to stay. Chorus: B5 And I can do it, I can do it, B5 G5 I can do it, I can do it without you, B5 I can do it, I can do it, B5 G5 I can do it, I can do it without you. Verse 2: E5 D5 I'm returning to the North again, A5 G5 Everybody has to talk on the train, E5 D5 And if you've got nothing that clever to say, A5 G5 Nobody's listening to you anyway. CHORUS
Solo This riff is repeated twice to the chord A, once to C and then the last extra bit is to D. It is then played again with vocals, twice to A and twice to C before it changes to next riff. e | -0----------------0-2-3-3p2-0---0------------------------------------------ | B | ------------------------------3----------7b-7b-7-5-3-5--------------------- | G | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- | D | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- | A | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- | E | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- | This riff is played twice after the solo, the first time hitting the note once, the time hitting it 8 times each, then keep playing G. e | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | B | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | G | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | D | -0------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | A | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | E | ---------0-------1--------3----------------------------------------------------- |
Verse 3 E5 D5 We convinced each other nothing has changed, A5 G5 Nobody else will ever rock the same, E5 D5 The adaptation for the stage is now playing, A5 G5 For your attention all the names have been changed. Chorus x2 Then the song ends on E5
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