• Song:

    Ghost Train

  • Artist:

    Kaizer Place

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The song should be played with capo on the 1st fret.

Intro : Am / C / E

Verse 1 : Am / C / E
Let reflection of your eyes
shine on your face
all alone in the corner
you don?t understand
There is an exit
But you already know it
With puzzles by dozen
You try to build a story

Biss : Dm / G
(La la la la)
You?re traveling in your ghost train
(La la la la)
Feeling too much pain
(La la la la)
With that look upon the past
(La la la la)
I hope it?s the last

Verse 2
One of the flammes in you
Has gone out
The rivers are full
You?re loosing your mind,
your time to burn
Pictures and moments
You failed to discover the answers
he kept lost in his head
Your heart is the only one to know

Bridge : Am / E  
Everybody has a dream
Yours is a fairy tale
Life is a pleasure
You let it in one way
But today
Don?t stay at home
Brake this wall


Words & Music by Laurent Lallemand
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