• Song:

    Last Call

  • Artist:

    Kaizer Place

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Intro : C5 / G5 / F5

Verse 1 : C5 / G5 / F5
This thing called love
That?s what it?s all about
I cannot sleep today
It?s not an easy way
Don?t cry for me
Many things I could?nt be
And all the pain
runs throught my veins

Biss : A5 / E5 / F5
Coz tonight
I want to fly
But you leave me
Way behind
My thoughts are dry
I?m out of time
Only feelings still alive

Intro 2

Verse 2
I choose my fate
Coz I?ve lost all taste
Stand on a waterfall
There?s nothing to hold on


Bridge : F5 / A5
Would you take my hand ?
Is there a God who can
Save my live ?
Tears in the sky
Falling down on me


It?s my last call
Words & Music by Laurent Lallemand
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