• Song:

    Love Me Or Leave Me

  • Artist:

    Kaizer Place

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Intro : G / C

Verse 1 : G / C
I see a wound deep inside
Someone who miss in your life
One day you smile
The next you blow out
Come with me let?s shine

Prechorus : Am / D
If our story has to end
I don?t know why
And if I had to fly away
I don?t know how

Biss : C / G
Love me or leave me
Till I die
Confide me all this will be
My tears are down on my feet
Love me or leave me

Intro 2 : G / C
(Na na na?)

Verse 2
This daydream is a wire
Cut by you tonight
You and me forever
A certainty that dies


Bridge : Am / G x2    A4
If your anger leads you
To make me dive
To fool myself with another lie
Goodbye, goodbye
we won?t be as one


Love me or leave me

Words & Music by Laurent Lallemand
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