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Robocop from 808s & Heartbreak 
by Kanye West

tabbed by fuperman

there's really no chords in the verse, it's all bass.
but if there was chords, this is what they would be.
oh and put a capo on the fourth fret.

Capo 4

Bmaj7 A Bmaj7 A Bmaj7 C#m A C#m

Bmaj7                    A
'Bout the baddest girl I ever seen
Bmaj7             A
Straight up outta movie scene
B               C#m
Who knew she was a drama queen
A                      C#m
That'd turn my life to Stephen King's
Bmaj7                  A
up late night like she on patrol
B               A
checkin everything like i'm on parole
Bmaj7                C#m
I told her it's some things she don't need to know
She never let it go, oh

E           B                  C#m                  
Okay, okay, okay, you'll never stop it now
You'll never stop it now
E           B                  C#m
Okay, okay, okay, you'll never stop it now
You need to drop it now, DROP IT DROP IT

Bmaj7                 A
Cause I don't want no robocop
Bmaj7             A
You movin' like a robocop
Bmaj7                 C#m
When did you become a robocop
A                   C#m
No, I don't need no robocop

And then it's those same chords for the rest of the song.
pretty simple.
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