By no means the easiest chords, but it sounds the best as far as I can tell, you 
might be able to figure out an easier way to play it.
Standard Tuning

Eb - Gm - Ab - Gm7 - G - Cm7 - Cm7/Bb - G/B - Cm7 - Bb

Eb               Gm                              Ab
I got my suit and tie, and I don't know if y'all know
But maybe y'all do
         G        Cm7
But maybe y'all don't
                Cm7/Bb                  G/B
But I don't really care, that's how we on it all the time
    Cm7          Bb
So I'mma get my money, let's go

~~Same Chords for the rest of the song~~

Now I'mma need you to kill the hypocrisy
This is an aristocracy
I'm Socrates but my skin more chocolatey
What's up with WHO?
That's old news
I'm in a speedboat
In my boat shoes

Huh? I swear my whole collection so cruise
I might walk in Nobu with no shoes
"He just walked in Nobu like it was Whole Foods
That nigga crazy, I told you!"

Immature adult
Insecure asshole (what else?)
If you fall on the concrete that's your as-phalt
If you pass on a Kan' beat, that's your last call
Get what you ask for I swear that yo ass stoked
She got a big booty, but she couldn't drop that ass low
So you take your last ho and rope up all the cash flow
When you gettin money, they be all up on yo ass, yo
When you gettin money, cops won't let a nigga pass go

Straight to jail yo
In a hellhole
Right next to Lucifer
Tell him I said hello
Ask if I'mma be there soon and tell him I said hellllll no
Yo what you say when your people get out of jail, huh?

My niggas is home
I guess I got everything
Everything I want
But I know, no matter how good it gets
It'll never be like before
No women in the crowd screaming and it's live
doing things out of town and I swear it's going down right now
I know one thing, my mama would be proud and you see me lookin' up
Cuz I know she's lookin' down right now

I know you see me now, right now
I know you see me now, right now

Pour the champagne let your watch show
Shorty got a man watch, wrist look colossal
I admit, my first watch was a Fossil
Now I'm in the Louvre, looking for fossils
Attention to detail is so uncanny
And his whips on the freeway is so un-Camry
Somebody need to put us on camera
The world of Rolly's and everyone's fantasy
Stay Jordan fresh, suits and Ferrari's
Cute, your shorty watch Barney, we at the Barneys
End up at Marni, Giorgio service from Sergio
? Lamborghini, the chain throw off the vertigo
I know the flow just hit a hellafied vertical
This the Christ year last year was Magic, 32
Living clean, can't none of y'all murder 'Ye
Cuz y'all raps ain't got no vertebrae
I got style, ask June if she heard of me
I killed the fur last Paris, raised the murder rate
First of all, we all know the beats is
Like a mix between Fergie and jeans

And in the direction of this immaculate conception
Every one of his majesty's swim parties is pageantry
Cannonballs off the diving board when I am bored
All my homie's GD's, but I am Lord

Rap god, Greek mythology
And his life too crazy to think logically
Here's something that you can use in an analogy:
My life is like a child's illusion become reality

Now go get my throne, cuz I don't wanna stop
I just go in my zone, and I'mma make it hot
Til it's time to go
When it's time to go
Where you tryin' to go?
You better act like you can see me now...(Exactly!)

I know you see me now, right now
I know you see me now, right now

I know you see me,
I know you see me,
I know you see me it's like I'm 3-D

Feel like one of them old R. Kelly joints, right?
I bet they'll put me back on the cover of Ebony now
I know Jet magazine calling right now
You lookin' good today too
I like that
Got your new suit on
And she got extra cute on
Hey, hey, hey, hey
I know you thinking
This that Yeezy we all love
I'm back, baby
We back, baby!
You can bust out to this
Uncle Charlie, by the way
And I'mma let you finish, but I got Beyonce on the track

That's what it is
Black excellence, baby
This is the elite!
We the greatest in the world, baby
We the greatest in the world!
Yeah, Lex Luger, No I.D., Yeezy
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