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    Kaisay Mumkin Hai Coke Studio

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Song: Kaisay Mumkin Hai (Coke Studio Pakistan)
Band: Karavan (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karavan)

Tabbed by Or Gadish 
Lyrics from: http://lyrics.themuzicworld.com/2010/07/lyrics-kaisay-mumkin-hai-karavan-coke.html
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldlLfd8RUCg

Note: The second guitar (house guitarist) plays the chords below. The first 
guitarist soloes over these and joins in with the same chords sometimes. Both 
guitars do some other things with ninths and sevenths here and there, but the 
basic is what I've written below.

Rhythm is not too difficult -- listen to song for the rhythm, but here's a little 
bit about the syncopated part below.

& = 16th notes of Chord 1
+ = 16th notes of Chord 2
_ = 16th rest (silence)
Beat 1: &&&&
Beat 2: __++
Beat 3: ++__
Beat 4: ____

    [ch]E/C[/ch]  C*   E5(9)  Em* C    D    Em   A5   A5(9)  B5   D5

INTRO (in syncopated rhythm)

Repeat twice
[ch]E/C[/ch]    C*    [ch]E/C[/ch]    [ch]E/C[/ch]

E5(9)    Em*    Em*    Em*

VERSE (long chords)
                C          D          Em
Tujhay mainay waisay kabhi dekha nahin hai
      D            C            D          Em 
Maira dil tau naa maanay kay tu mera nahin hai

CHORUS (syncopated rhythm)
                   A5     A5          
Meri aankhon mein jhaanko,
                 A5(9)   A5(9)          
meri saanson mein ao 
           Em (long)
Ao aur yeh dekho
               A5     A5          
Raahon ki yeh doori 
               A5(9)   A5(9)          
Baahon ki yeh doori 
              Em (long)
Nahin roohon ki doori 

GUITAR SOLO: Repeat Intro Chords and Rhythm

VERSE 2 (same as verse 1)
Tujhay sadeeyon mein sochaa tera chehra banaya 
Kayee rangon mein mainay tujhay apna banaya 

CHORUS 2 (same as chorus 1)
Meri ankhon mein jhaanko
meri saason mein ao 
Ao aur yeh dekho 
Pyaasa hai tu bhi tau 
Tanha hai tu bhi tau 
Meri tanhai mein aaja 

BRIDGE (short mute hits)

C/E                      *
Mein teray bin zinda rahoon 
Kaisay mumkin hai 
Kaisay mumkin hai 

C/E           D
Mein teray bin zinda rahun 
Yeh bhala kaisay yeh
C      D
kaisay mumkin hai 

Em            **
Kaisay mumkin hai (Repeat)

^ -- Here the guitars do something that's more complicated, but you can stay on C/E and be fine.
^^ -- Every other repeat both guitars do this:
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