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Song: Heads Up
Artist: Karen O and The Kids
Album: Where The Wilds Things Are Soundtrack

Comments and revisions are highly appreciated
...and I'am not just saying that :]

Update: The second E chord in the "Chords Used" list does not show up with
the (2) next to it when used above the lyrics. To avoid any confusion please
note that the chord is used at the end of "Verse 2" with "iday" and "ground"

Chords Used:
A (x02220@1)   -    577655
Ab (xx1114@1)  -    466544
F# (244322@1)  -    244322
E (022100@1)   -    022100
D     -    10-12-12-11-10-10
Gb    -    x-9-11-11-10-9
[ch]E(2)[/ch]  -    x79997
B (x2444x@1)   -    799877
C#    -    9-11-11-10-9-9

Intro: Clapping Beat: ** *   * ** *   * ** *   * ** *

After fourth beat:



Verse 1
A (x02220@1)      Ab (xx1114@1)                E (022100@1)             A (x02220@1)              Ab (xx1114@1)  Heads up, heads up, heads up, you hold me up, you hold me down and up 
     F# (244322@1)           E (022100@1)         A (x02220@1)     Ab (xx1114@1)                 E (022100@1)   
and down and up and up and down.  Heads up, heads up, heads up, you hold me 
A (x02220@1)               Ab (xx1114@1)                F# (244322@1)                Eglad, (022100@1)you told me now and then every now and then every then and now.

Verse 2
D (xx0232@1)               Gb (244322@1)[ch]E(2)[/ch]
Not talkin 'bout hol-iday
D (xx0232@1)                    F# (244322@1)   Epretend (022100@1)my feet are running away
D (xx0232@1)                    Gb (244322@1)       [ch]E(2)[/ch]
well if my feet dont touch the ground
      Bwell (x2444x@1)hot sick, fat lip
 C#fall (x43121@1)before I get out of it!

Repeat Verse 1 until you are satisfied!

"Music is an Art and a Science"

Thankyou God and thankyou Karen O!

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