• Song:

    Electrified Love

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  • Album:

    Electrified Love

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This is my first tab and I got it by ear, but i'm pretty sure everything is correct :) 

     G  Gsus4  Am  Asus4  Bm   C   Cm    F  F  Bb  Eb  Em  D  Dsus4  Em7

E:  3 ----3----x----x----x---8-----x----1----1----6----x ---0---x---x----0
A:  5 ----5----0----0----2---10---10 ---x----3----8----6 ---2---x---x----2
D:  5 ----5----2----2----4---10---10 ---2----3----8----8 ---2---0---0----2
G:  4 ----5----2----2----4---9----8 ----2----2----7----8 ---0---2---2----0
B:  3 ----3----1----3----3---8----8 ----1----1----6----8----0---3---3----3
e:  3---- 3---(0)---(0)--x---8--- 8 ----0----1----6---(6)---0---2---3----x

Intro: G Gsus4 G, G Gsus4 G, Asus4, Am
Vers  G, G, Asus4, Am, Bm, C, Em, Em 

Chorus: "She falls in..."
Em, Dsus4 D, Bb, Eb, Cm, F

Bridge: "A little chok"
G Gsus4, G, Asus4, Am



Bridge: "In one soft..."

The third part: "Red and dry lips..."

Gm, Asus4 Am, Cm, Eb, D7, Gm, 

The second time it goes:

Gm, Asus4 Am, Cm, Eb, Bb, D D7


G, G, Asus4, Am
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