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A song off the new album, Birthdays. I'm pretty sure these are the chords he plays, as 
this is how it is played in the live video ft. The Staves.

I wasn't quite sure of the chord name for this one so the frets are as follows. God 
bless this man's poetic lamentation.

[ch]F#/G[/ch] = 200033

Intro : - D G

D                                   G
Empty pack of cigarettes By the bed
D                                 G [ch]F#/G[/ch]
You woke up, looked at me and said

Em                         A
Keaton, is it morning yet?
Em                                A
No, we have a couple of hours left
Em                               A
And god knows what'll happen then


D                A                     G
And there may be questions in your head
D        A             G
As a new day is dawning
D         A                 G
What things for us lie ahead?
D                  A                 G
Woman, I will see you in the morning.

And that's all you need to know, it repeats itself with the same chords. Pick up 
something of his, anything, you won't be disappointed.
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