• Song:

    My Heart Is Open

  • Artist:

    Keith Urban

  • Album:

    Defying Gravity

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My heart is open?keith urban



Verse 1
D                                             G
I thought I was doing all right being alone
Bm                           A                      G
I swore I?d never let somebody get close again
D                                                            G
I was never gonna let my guard down, Not for anyone
Bm                                      A                                   G
But there?s a light in your eyes and it?s got me moving in
A                                           G                      Em
And tonight these walls are all coming down

             D                                   G
And my heart is open, I?m letting you in
                Bm                                      A
Cause you give me a reason and the faith
I?ve been needing to start again
                             D                              G
And your love is healing I?m finally breathing
                 Bm                    A                       G
I?ve been waiting so long hoping for this moment
Em                     D-G-D
My heart is open  

Verse 2
D                                             G
These days it seems like everybody?s just walking away
Bm                    A                                 G
Like there?s no forever and love is just a game
D                     G                         Bm                        A                 Em
But don?t you know you can believe me when I say that I?m your man


D/F#            G 
I can?t wait anymore, no no

Because I?ve got nothing left to prove  

And I?ve got so much left to use
That?s why I?m tearing out the walls

And baby I?m kicking down the doors

                               D                          G
And your love is healing I?m finally breathing
          Bm                              A                    G
I can hear you calling, I?m ready to fall in love again
Em                   D-G                       D
My heart is open    My heart is open
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