Artist: Kid Cudi ft. Chip Tha Ripper
Song: Hyyerr
Album: Man on the Moon: The End of Day

Intro: Em D x4

Em D
   A nigga like me be so gone

Eyes so low that a nigga gotta throw his loaks on
Em                     D
Wonder what them folks on? That's what they be askin
Them kush we smoke some smell when a nigga passin
Em                        D
We getting to the cash and you can see a nigga shinin'
Just a lil doe, a couple hoes, a couple 2-3 diamonds
Em                               D
Up in the hood where you'll find him unless he out on the road
Every show got a bag full of blow and patron on my neck is getting throwed
Em                                 D
Like they spposed to cause life is short, and filled with lots of grief and doubt
So I just pour that bag of colorful frosty leaves on out
    Em                           D
And free my scalp I mean free my mind  one puff at a time Im up all the time
I'm up on the grind so a big booty and a blunt would be fine
                Em                   D
Just wanna feel fine Just wanna kill time Just wanna relax and think of a rhyme
Don't really like sippin Cuz I get to trippin my nigga Just roll me a heap of that pine
   D                                   D
And I only bring a little good for the trip, Just in case we get blurred by 5-0
Sir you look high, I know, but I prefer my eyes low

           Em          D
Can we get higher, and higher, and higher, and higher
           Em          D
Can we get higher, and higher, and higher, and higher
                Em          D
You know we get higher, and higher, and higher
                Em         D
You know we get higher, so higher

         Em                                  D
They say easy friend there he go talkin bout weed again
Probably becuz of all that weed in him yes and no Cause and effect is what most don't know
Em            D
Doin bad like Mike said Could be doin wrong Forget about the obvious context of the song
Put your brain where it belong Can't we just all get up on, 
        Em            D
And tag along, and we float We kids with hope
Better than coke we smoke dog please don't miss
             Em                          D
What a nigga tryna get you thinking bout we outside becuz my mama in the house
Puff puff pass with yo bitchass back in high school smoked weed when I cut class 
And now I'm an addict
Em                          D
Tragic stable enough for reclining, I be lookin down and see my jewels be shinin'
Good look Yeezy y'all stay blinded by that light 
                   Em                          D
Somebody pass me a shell to the right yes, I'm goin I be outtie, and you can find me
I'll be chilling back, I'll be chilling Jack

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