• Song:

    I Am The Bullgod Acoustic

  • Artist:

    Kid Rock

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Kid Rock
I Am The Bullgod Acoustic Version from the Howard Stern Show
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Ok the intro is like this( think these are the chord names, but the SOUND right, and on an acoustic guitar 
hard to play the 2nd position ones he may have used on an electric)
D1(octave, played X X X 14 15 14)
E#1(octave played x x x 5  6  5)
A#(octave played x x x 7 8 7)
B1(octave played x x x 9 10 9)

D1(x4) E#1(x2)Slide to B1 (x1) then A#1 (x1) E#1 Slide D2 (listen to the recording for timing

then its like this on the two lowest strings

D(standard chord from now on) didle the bottom string so its like xxx232 three times then xxx233 xxx232 repeat)
I'm like a train I roll hard lettin off much steam
In the Carhartt flannel and dusty jeans
I never was cool with James Dean
G                            D
Im hangin tough with my man Jim Beam
So ask no questions and I'll tell no lies
I got big ol pupils and blood shot eyes
I'm on the brink...if you know what I mean
G                                      D
And a 12 step program couldn't keep me clean
Cause I'm the bullgod...you understand
The illegitimate son of man
The T-O-P to the D-O-G
G                      D
Or the P-O-T to the G-O-D
And I'm trippin Said that I'm trippin
D                    C                  G                  D
I am the bullgod...I am free...and I feed on all that is forsaken
D                      C                      G           D
I'm gonna get you...I see through you...I'm gonna get you
A lot of people poke fun and that's alright
start pokin back they get all uptight
You can't cap with the master son
G                                  D
So sit your ass down before I blast ya one
Break it up let's tie one on
I gotta get set to go and cut the lawn
So I grab my walkman but before I cut
G                                   D
I got behind the garage and fire it up
D                           D
gonna fire it up gonna fire it on up (now it changes to freebird)
G      D/F#          Em   F          C            D
if I leave here tommorow would you still remeber me
G             D/F#          Em   F               C                  D
cause I must be travelin on now theres too many things that I gotta see
G       D/F#            Em      F          C              D
if I stay here with you girl, things just couldnt be the same
G         D/F#        Em       F        C           D
Im as free as a bird now and this bird you cannot change
F           C           D          F           C            D
and this bird you cannot change and this bird youll never change
F        C         D
oh no I cant change

(cmon---get it) this next part rocks, but the only thing in its the solo. you figure that one out, and 

I get a feeling of peace, from a low so high
As I sit in my chair and watch life go by
These thoughts I have can't mold to sense
Through the forest of my mind, they're all past tense
Born and raised in the outer lands
And at times you can say I'm outta hand
I'm in a band of gypsies, we're on the run
Everytime that paper hits my tongue
And sometimes it seems so odd
When my veins are poppin and I'm on the nod
I am the bullgod...you understand
And here in my head is my master plan, Uh
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