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Okay, this is tabbed for ukulele. You can play the same notes
on the guitar if you don't have a ukulele, but this is how Kina plays it.

Standard tuning: GCEA [for guitar standard tuning EADGBe]
G: 0232 C: 0003 Em: 0432  Gsus4: 0230

these repeat the whole song, but here's the first part to give
 you the gist of it:

G                 C                      Em
all the birds are singing in the whisper winds
            Gsus4        G
everybody's listening
               C                       Em
and the sun is shining like today won't end
nothing here is missing
G       C            Em            Gsus4
looking over looking under looking through
G       C          Em                 Gsus4
what we find every time we do what we do
       G   C
and we laugh
       Em  Gsus4
and we cry
       G        C
and we live our lives
       Em                      Gsus4
and we love and we love and we love
and it comes back to us

The bridge is   C   G   Gsus4.

And, at about 3:50  of the video she accidentally does this amazing sounding
 thing. play a Gsus for one strum, then do a G for one strum, then put your 
pinkie on the third fret of the A string then move it to the fifth fret. She
 does that just after the "And we cry" part, but you can really do it after
 any line in the chorus...Just shows how genius she even meaning to:)

Hope it helped. Here's the video:
Thanks for looking, and please rate :)
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