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Capo 1st fret.

intro- A5 , E5 , D5 , A5

A5               E5              D5               A5
I walk into the kitchen Mommas standing by the stove
A5             E5             D5                A5
Daddys at the mirror trying on his brand new coat
A5                 E5                D5                  A5
When he rings the bell well gather round and watch it snow
A5                    E5                 D5             A5
With gingerbread and cider spiced with nutmeg in the cold

        D5       E5
Now that we are grown
We have to fly back home
But thats okay
    E5        A5
Its worth it all
        D5         E5
Because Christmas time
It always will remind us that
     D5     E5  A5
Well never be alone
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