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Artist: Kind of Like Spitting
Song: Dostoyevsky Gets Mugged Outside a Donut Shop in New Jersey
Album: Old Moon in the Arms of the New
Tabber: Andrew Biles

Now this is very easy to play, it's just four chords all the way through.  On the album
version Ben's guitar is tuned slightly high, but there's a great live recording from the
Fireside Bowl where he has his guitar in tune.

G                       Em       
Our savior's fallen ill, and he won't get up

D                         Am
We've cast away our stones, why won't he get up?

G                   Em
So unawake with you, you let me drive your car

D                          Am                                
You let me break your heart and still not want to give up

G               Em                      D
So now the only time I get to see you smile

                   Am                      G
Is in the darkest rooms with the brownest tiles

                 Em               D
And to hear you laugh is a sweet refrain

             Am                   G
So sick with joy, I'm the perfect boy

G, Em, D, Am

G                      Em                        
Our savior's fallen ill, but here's a souvenir

D                      Am                          
Another saint to pierce against your bedroom wall

G                        Em                        D
It says you can't give up and that you won't wake up

Until you close your eyes and lay down


  G  Em  D  Am

any questions? andrewbiles@hotmail.com
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