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Artist: Kind of Like Spitting
Track: Share the Road
Album: The Thrill of the Hunt
Tabber: Andrew Biles

Quite a fast one to play, but if you're having trouble with the speed of the strumming
recommend learning the chord changes and where they come in first and it should help you
in the long run.  There are a couple of diminished chords in there as well that are 
nice (if they don't come up on the chord diagram thing, check at the bottom and I've
them out).  It sounds as though a lot of it is played with barre chords rather than open 
but either match well with the track.

Standard Tuning

F (133211@1)                              AmTroubled (x02210@1)at the office, troubled at the bank

         FI (133211@1)put my hands against the tree line

            AmI (x02210@1)know it's real, but it still feels fake

    DmThe (xx0231@1)last thing I remember from that World

                G (320003@1)                               Mutes
Was a drum take clicked out on the tape too slow.

          FOh (133211@1)what a life we give

             AmToward (x02210@1)obsessions and currled toes

         FAnd (133211@1)the death line that's running

                   AmThrough (x02210@1)our friends as well as foes

        Dm (xx0231@1)                          GAnd (320003@1)the tree line looks over like a bending ghost

       C (x32010@1)         Dm (xx0231@1)                    GAs (320003@1)I go down this road of the bored and the boring

F (133211@1)                        AmNo (x02210@1)one saw it coming, everyone was shocked

      FSo (133211@1)I bummed my roommate's helmet

              AmAnd (x02210@1)keep a tight grip on my bike lock

          Dm (xx0231@1)          Bbdim/G  DmTakes (xx0231@1)the side streets, keep my eyes clocked

       GOh, (320003@1)it only takes a second to pass

              FI've (133211@1)had some really nice people

         AmSay (x02210@1)some really smart things to me

         FI've (133211@1)had really good people

           AmBummed (x02210@1)out here in this bed next to me

      DmSo (xx0231@1)I sing my life in circles

               GThrough (320003@1)these outrages and I

             CHave (x32010@1)had some really nice people

         AmHave (x02210@1)to tell me goodbye

     Dm (xx0231@1)                             Bdim/Ab
So I give a wish to a nickel, close my eyes and

                      Am (x02210@1)                   Am (x02210@1)name="chord_320003@1">G Am/ (x02210@1)Let it fly and try to stay positive

Bbdim/G - x,x,5,6,5,6
Bdim/Ab - x,x,6,7,6,7

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