• Song:

    One Time

  • Artist:

    King Crimson

  • Album:

    Heavy Construktion

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C4 (x33010@1)Cm7  C4 (x33010@1) Gm (355333@1)                              // C4= (x33010@1)Csus4One (x33010@1)eye goes laughing
C4 (x33010@1)Cm7  C4 (x33010@1) GmOne (355333@1)eye goes crying
   Cm7        G# (xx1114@1) G# (xx1114@1)  Gm (355333@1)    C4 (x33010@1) Cm7  C4 (x33010@1) GmThrough (355333@1)the trials and trying of one life
C4  Cm7  C4  Gm
One hand is tied
C4 (x33010@1)  Cm7 C4 (x33010@1)   GmOne (355333@1)step gets behind
   Cm7   G# (xx1114@1)  G# (xx1114@1)  Gm (355333@1)   Fm7 (131141@1) GmIn (355333@1)one breath we're dying  aa-a-a-a

           Cm(C-D-D#-C) (x3101x@1)         GmI've (355333@1)been waiting for the sun to come up
 G# (xx1114@1)                        GWaiting (320003@1)for the showers to stop
 Fm (133111@1)                      G7sus4 (3x301x@1)            // G7sus4= (3x301x@1)xx3533
Waiting for the penny to drop
C4 (x33010@1) Cm7  C4 (x33010@1) GmOne (355333@1)time

                Cm (x3101x@1)(C-D-D#-C)         GmAnd (355333@1)I've been standing in a cloud of plans
  G# (xx1114@1)                    GStanding (320003@1)on the shifting sands
 Fm (133111@1)               G7sus4Hoping (3x301x@1)for an open hand
C4 (x33010@1) Cm7  C4 (x33010@1) Gm (355333@1) C4 (x33010@1) Cm7  C4 (x33010@1) GmOne (355333@1)time

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