• Song:

    And To Your Name

  • Artist:

    Kingdom Faith

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Verse 1 
Bm7     Bm7/A   E       G 
Forever you are - so faithful 
Bm7            Bm7/A           E     G 
Beginning and end - unfailing 
Bm7             Bm7/A          E       G 
The wisdom of God - provider 
Bm7              Bm7/A              E          G 
The just and the true - and truth is Jesus 

Refr?o -------------
 D                    F# 
And to Your Name 
Always the same 
Your Name so everlasting 
D                      F# 
All praise is due 
For the things you do 
And only You deserve it 


Bm7    E2 
Jesus, You are worthy 
Bm7    E2 
You deserve the glory 
Bm7             E2                                     A          F#                
Yours is the Name above all other names 
Bm7    E2 
All the honour to You 
Bm7    E2 
And all praise is now due 
Bm7    E2                        A       F# 
To You Jesus Lord  of all 

Verse 2 

Bm7              Bm7/A   E   G 
Always You'll be  - forever 
Bm7         Bm7/A   E          G 
God is with us - redeemer 
      Bm7           Bm7/A          E   G 
The light of the world - our savior 
       Bm7              Bm7/A              E      G 
The truth and the life - and the life is Jesus
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