• Song:

    The Girl From Back Then

  • Artist:

    Kings Of Convenience

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	Though you can easily play with two, this song 
is actually played with one guitar. It is played with 
both discernable treble and bass parts (the notes on 
the E and A string being bass and the others treble). 
	In order to play, you must PLUCK ( no picks 
only fingers!). Play the bass note with your thumb, 
and let ring, shortly after pluck the two associated 
treble notes, and quickly mute all strings with a slight 
slap with your knukles (or fingernails with a slightly 
closed fist). 
	Good luck, it  WILL take time to accquire this 
very specific playing style, especially if you are 
used to rock,or picks rather.

D----4-----4-------4-----6---6---------4--  repeat 

on every other measure they will play the last two 
chords altogether and without a slap, as in the chord:

e----                       ----
b---7                       --7-
G---6  being all one chord: --6-   
D----                       ----
A-6--                       --6- 
E----                       ----
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