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    Kings Of Leon

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This is not my work. I merely took the chords from the "main tab" done by Bronson 
Helm on 9/13/2008.
All I did was put it as a chord version. I'm just going to write the main chord, 
but pay attention to how they are played.This is a fairly simple song, and it's easy to pick up.

Standard Tuning

E:  022100
F#m:  044200
Abm:  066400
A:  577600    or   577655
B:  799800    or   799877

E (022100@1)                                            F#mWhat (244222@1)a night for a dance, you know I'm a dancing machine

Abm (133111@4)                                          F#mWith (244222@1)a fire in my bones and the sweet taste of kerosene

E (022100@1)                                              F#mI (244222@1)get lost in the night so high I don't want to come down

Abm (133111@4)                                        F#mTo (244222@1)face the loss of the good thing that I've found

E (022100@1)      F#m (244222@1)      Abm (133111@4)      F#m (244222@1)E (022100@1)                                             F#mIn (244222@1)the dark of the night I could hear you calling my name

Abm (133111@4)                                    F#mWith (244222@1)the hardest of hearts I still feel full of pain

E (022100@1)                                                F#mSo (244222@1)I drink and I smoke and I ask you if you're ever around

Abm (133111@4)                                          F#mEven (244222@1)though it was me who drove us right in the ground

ASee (x02220@1)the time we shared it was precious to me

A (x02220@1)                 B (x2444x@1)              EBut (022100@1)all the while I was dreaming of revelry

(E)        F#m (244222@1)      Abm (133111@4)      F#m (244222@1)E (022100@1)                                        F#mBorn (244222@1)to run, baby run like a stream down a mountainside

Abm (133111@4)                                    F#mWith (244222@1)the wind in my back I don't ever even bat an eye

E (022100@1)                                            F#mJust (244222@1)know it was you all along who had a hold of my heart

Abm (133111@4)                                          F#mBut (244222@1)the demon and me were the best of friends from the start

ASo (x02220@1)the time we shared it was precious to me

A (x02220@1)                 B (x2444x@1)              E (022100@1)      F#m (244222@1)      Abm (133111@4)      F#mAll (244222@1)the while I was dreaming of revelry

(F#m)            EDreaming (022100@1)of revelry

(E)        F#m (244222@1)      Abm (133111@4)      F#m (244222@1)E (022100@1)                                                         F#mAnd (244222@1)I told myself boy away you go, it rained so hard it felt like snow

Abm (133111@4)                       F#mEverything (244222@1)came tumbling down on me

E (022100@1)                                    F#mIn (244222@1)the back of the woods in the dark of the night

Abm (133111@4)                                                   F#mPaleness (244222@1)of the old moonlight everything just felt so incomplete

(F#m)            E (022100@1)        F#mDreaming (244222@1)of revelry

(F#m)            Abm (133111@4)      F#mDreaming (244222@1)of revelry

(F#m)            E (022100@1)        F#mDreaming (244222@1)of revelry

(F#m)            Abm (133111@4)      F#mDreaming (244222@1)of revelry

End with a single strum on that last F#m. Enjoy the tab! Just an FYI, when you see E and then (E),
it does not mean to strum the E for another measure. I'm just continuing from that same chord...
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