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Right.  This is my first tab, so please go easy on me!  I'm only 15!  This is actually
quite a simple song, and it is a variation from the folk song, "the drunken sailor". 
Still, it is a classic, and I felt that this site needed it.

 -Verse 1-  Em - A - G - D
 Em          A              G             D
 I remember Grandma telling me that I was born
 Em             A         G            D
 as the sun was coming up early in the morn'.
 Em            D    
 Told me I was born 
 Em           D
 early in the morn'.

 When you lift your eyes and
 See the sun a risin'
 on the far horizon
 G     D      Em
 early in the morning

 -Verses-  (Repeat earlier progression)
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