• Song:

    Big Black Smoke

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    The Kink Kronikles

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		     Big Black Smoke - The Kinks

Tabbed by: Dave S. 
Email: Dlgibson@netscape.com

Tuning: Standard

Artist: Kinks
Album: It's the Kinks
Year: 1964

Intro: Em

Em (022000@1)    Em7M     Em7      Em6 (022020@1)   C7MShe (x3131x@1)was sick and tired of country life.
                 EmA (022000@1)little country home, A little country folk,
                   B7Made (x21202@1)her blood run cold.
        A7Now (x02020@1)her mother pines her heart away,
                                       EmLooking (022000@1)for her child in the big black smoke,
                 EmIn (022000@1)the big black smoke.

Em (022000@1)      Em7M   Em7      Em6 (022020@1)     C7MFrailest, (x3131x@1)purest girl the world has seen,
                 Em (022000@1)According to her Ma, according to her Pa,
              B7And (x21202@1)everybody said,
         A7That (x02020@1)she knew no sin and did no wrong,
                                       EmTill (022000@1)she walked the streets of the big black smoke,
                 EmOf (022000@1)the big black smoke.

         B7Well (x21202@1)she slept in caffs and coffee bars and bowling alleys,
                    Em (022000@1) B7And (x21202@1)every penny she had
    G (320003@1)                            B7Was (x21202@1)spent on purple hearts and cigarettes.

Em (022000@1)     Em7M    Em7    Em6 (022020@1)    C7MShe (x3131x@1)took all her pretty coloured clothes,
                  EmAnd (022000@1)ran away from home, And the boy next door
                B7For (x21202@1)a boy named Joe.
       A7And (x02020@1)he took her money for the rent
                                            EmAnd (022000@1)tried to drag her down in the big black smoke,
                 EmIn (022000@1)the big black smoke.
                 EmIn (022000@1)the big black smoke.
                 EmIn (022000@1)the big black smoke. 


   Em (022000@1)  Em7M    Em7   Em6 (022020@1) C7M (x3131x@1) B7 (x21202@1)  A7 (x02020@1)   Ge|--0--|---0---|--0--|--0--|--0--|--2--|--3--|--3--| (320003@1)B|--0--|---4---|--3--|--2--|--1--|--0--|--2--|--0--|

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