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Drivin'    Written by Ray Davies

F           Bb          E           A                      
Doo doo doo doo. Dididi doo doo doo doo
Eb          Ab        D           G                          
Doo doo doo doo doo.  Did did doo doo
D              G                            
Dididi doo doo doo

Cm                               Gm         
  It seems like all the world is fighting
Bb                         F            F7   
 They're even talking of a war (ooo ooo ooo)
Let all the Russians and the Chinese
And the Spanish do their fighting
The sun is shining
            G  D     G  D                    
We're going drivin', drivin'

F             Bb                            
Drop all your work
E          A                               
Leave it behind
D               G                           
Forget all your problems
C#            F#                             
And get in my car
           C#         F#                     
And take a drive with me

    F              Bb                       
The sandwiches are packed
    E             A                        
The tea is in the flask
      Eb        Ab                          
We've plenty of beer
    D          G                           
And gooseberry tarts
          D          G                     
So take a drive with me
Cm                              Gm           
  We'll take your mother if you want to                                         
Bb                           F               F7
  We'll have a picnic on the grass  (ooo ooo ooo)

Forget your nephews and your cousins 
And your brothers and your sisters                                         
They'll never miss us                                         
              G  D     G  D     G  D     G  D       
'Cos we'll be drivin', drivin'. drivin'. drivin'
F            Bb                            
Thousands of trees
E           A                              
Hundreds of fields
D           G                              
Millions of birds
   C#            F#                          
So why don't you come
           C#         F#                              
And take a drive with me

      F           Bb                        
We'll talk to the cows
    E            A                         
And laugh at the sheep
      D        G                           
We'll lie in a field
    C#           F#                                     
And we'll have a sleep
          C#         F#                               
So take a drive with me

Cm                            Gm
  And all the troubled world around us
Bb                   F            F7          
  Seems an eternity away (ooo ooo ooo)
And all the debt collectors, rent collectors
All will be behind us
But they'll never find us
              G  D     G  D     G  D     G  D    
'Cos we'll be drivin', drivin', drivin', drivin'

   (Solo- F  Bb  E  A  Eb  Ab  D  G )
D          G    D          G                                        
Drive with me...Drive with me...
F             Bb
Passed Barnet Church
E               A                          
  Up to Potters Bar
   Eb            Ab                          
We won't be home late
     D        G                            
It's not very far
          D          G          D          G   (Break)
So take a drive with me, take a drive with me
G  D     G  D     G  D     G  D                  
Drivin', drivin', drivin', drivin'   ....repeat into the sunset

Note: On the 'Drivin'.. parts, the bass does A nice walk. G F# F E D E F F# G
kind of thing. And remember, don't go too fast and don't drink while playing
this song.
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