• Song:

    The Ballad Of Julie Finkle

  • Artist:


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D5                 C5         D5     
        I first met Julie a long time ago
        C5             G5           D5
        staring up at me from the front row
                  D5                          C5           D5
        She had a timeless glow, she was the image of youth
             C5           G5           D5  
        that never grows old or gets long in the tooth
        D5                         C5         D5
        And who would think after all these years
                  C5             G5        D5
        that good fortune would smile my way
        She?s a symbol of all that I believe in
                F5            C5                      G5
        She was there at the beginning, she?s still out there today

        D5      C5  D5   C5           G5            D5
Chorus: Julie, Julie, I hope that you?re still single
        D5      C5  D5   C5     G5       D5     
        Julie, Julie, oh my mystery Julie Finkle
        C5        G5 G5   D5     C5       G5 G5   D5
        (Woohooh hoohooh hooh, woohooh hoohooh hooh)

        After me she went with a biker from Stoke

        had a child with a banker from Bolton

        I hear she ended up with a really nice bloke,

        who?s respectable now, so my silence is golden

        To protect her and him I`ve used a pseydonym ,

        but I hope she gets the vital connection

        It was a long time ago, but I want you to know

        Julie, you were the pick of a prime selection

Chorus: Julie, ...
        But keep looking for your love (Woohooh hoohooh hooh)
        D5                    C5      D5
        Truly, Julie, you?re only a name
            C5                     G5
        you could be a Molly or a Sarah-Jane
            D5                 C5       D5
        But if I should never see you again,
             C5               G5
        I?ll never forget you, truly

Chorus: Julie, ...

        Keep looking for your love (Woohooh woohooh hooh)
        D5      D5  C5  C5                    
        Julie, Julie, oh my mystery Julie Finkle
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