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    Village Green

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    The Village Green Prese...

"Village Green" (Davies)
  From "The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society"(1968)

  This haunting tune was recorded in November of 1966,
  but not released til two years later. Ray has a capo 
  on the third fret of his Framus 12 string, allowing the 
  chorus's chromatic descent A la SUNNY AFTERNOON.

 Intro: Am Dm |G  C|F Dm|Em Am|  X1

 Am          Dm
 Out in the country
  G                C       F            Dm
 Far from all the soot and noise of the city
  Em                Am
 There's a village green, oh 
  Am           Dm
  It's been a long time
 G                 C           F               Dm
 Since I last set eyes on the church with the steeple
 Em          Am
 Down by the village green 
  Am       Dm
  Ah la la la la

  G            C                 F   Dm
 'Twas there I met a girl called Daisy
       Em                  Am
 And kissed her by the old oak tree 
 Am       Dm
 Ah la la la la
 G           C              F         Dm
 Although I loved my Daisy, I sought fame
     Em             Am
 And so I left the village green 


 Dm         Dm/C#        Dm/C          Dm/B
 I miss the village green, And all the simple people 
 Am         Am/G#      Am/G          Am/F#
 I miss the village green, The church, the clock, the steeple 
   B7                     E
 I miss the morning dew, fresh air and Sunday school 

 And now all the houses are rare antiquities 
 American tourists flock to see the village green 
 They snap their photographs and say "Gor' darn it
 Isn't it a pretty scene?"
 And Daisy's married Tom the grocer boy
 And now he owns a grocery 


 And I will return there
 And I'll see Daisy
 And we'll sip tea and laugh
 And talk about the village green 

 Am       Dm     G  C
 La la la la la (oooh)
 F        Dm        Em              Am
 We will laugh and talk about the village green
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