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 F#m (244222@1)                                                  
It\'s such a warm place but there on the street 
            C#mWhere (x13321@4)our footprints are waited for,
F#m (244222@1)             EStardusted (022100@1)boots sparkle and shine.
Here are the shepherds and upholstered chair,
Dazzling dreams below the bright sun, orb,
The trigger untouched When it was the right time.

          F#mMy (244222@1)blood type mark is on the sleeve,
                    C#mThere\'s (x13321@4)my ordinal number marked on the sleeve,
        Bm7Wish (x20202@1)me now some luck in the fight,
        Emaj7 (021100@1)Sayin\' now, sayin\'!
       F#mI (244222@1)won\'t stay in this field of green,
        C#mI (x13321@4)won\'t stay in this field of green,
        Bm7Wish (x20202@1)me now to be lucky,
 C#m (x13321@4)        C#Sayin\' (x43121@1)now, sayin\'!
F#m (244222@1) 
Be lucky!

I am able to pay, but I never want a triumph at any price,
I never want someone\'s chest lying under my foot. 
I would rather stay here with you,
Just to stay here with you,
But the star which is high in the skies  
Still gives me the route.

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