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Mother's Ruin - Kirsty Maccoll

F#m'Mother's (244222@1)ruin' 

She said to herself 
                      E'I'm (022100@1)just screwing my own mental health' 

But Fridays and Saturdays 
                     DShe (xx0232@1)walks down those alleyways 

A latter day lady of the lamp 

F#mHow (244222@1)you doing? 

You ain't from 'round here 

Won't you come in? 
    EI'm (022100@1)really not scared- 

'Cause Fridays and Saturdays 
              DI (xx0232@1)still do it anyways 

And anything is better than out here 

ANow (x02220@1)don't wake me up again 

Don't let me feel anything 
             DBut (xx0232@1)when you go 

Let me dream that I go with you 
               E (022100@1)        F#mSo (244222@1)I won't cry myself dry anymore 

F#mMothers (244222@1)ruin 

Their own little girls 

Keep them dreaming 
        EThere's (022100@1)more to this world 

But turn her the other way 
                DAnd (xx0232@1)every day's Father's Day 

He stays until there's nothing left to say 

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