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This is the song 'Don't Let Go' from the album 'Lost Solo treasures'
its an unreleased LP So u probably never heard it before...
but for those who do its here

           C            G
There was rain coming down
          Am           G
The first time I saw you
       G         G
I Was stuck in my place
       C         G
On a night just like this
       Am       G
I was seeing my future
       G        G
When I looked in your face
Ab    Bb
I remember
      Eb          Bb
As we lie here tonight
      Cm              Bb
And you stare at the ceiling
Is there something you're feeling
You don't want me to know?

     Eb                        Bb
Now that I've found what I'm after
     Eb                       Bb
And now that I gave you all my heart and my soul
     Eb                      Bb
Baby hold on like nothing else matters
     Eb                 Ab                             Bb           
Don't let go (don't you try walk under every love in the sky)
     Eb                 Ab                             Bb           
Don't let go (don't you think it over try and figure it out)
     Eb            Ab
Don't let go, don't let go
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