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well, i figured out the chords myself... i juz don't know if i got the lyrics just
right.....hope you enjoy it! comment me... agrayen@yahho.com/ 09265327264...

       CThe (x32010@1)world stood still
                  AmWhen (x02210@1)I first met you
         G (320003@1)  EmYou (022000@1)took my heart
                        CThings (x32010@1)will never be thesame

     CMy (x32010@1)senses numb
                  AmThe (x02210@1)words stay reversed
               G (320003@1) EmRepeatedly (022000@1)in my ear
                CWanna (x32010@1)see you again   

       G (320003@1)      EmIt's (022000@1)hard to breathe
C (x32010@1)          GEver (320003@1)since then
    G (320003@1)            EmThey're (022000@1)gone and sweeps
   C (x32010@1)         GWound (320003@1)tears again

(same chord as the 1st stanza)

Something that you said
I'll always cherich within
You took my hand
Things will never be the same

A am beside you now
All alone in a room
Always been so happy
Since you mended my wound

Repeat Cho. 


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