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Title: Highway
Artist: Kitchie Nadal
Album: Love Letter

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        This is the new song of Kitchie from her new album                    
             Kung may mali man,..pakicomment kaagad..tnx!

D                       C          
Do you know where the light comes from
      D      C
and darkness lives.
 D                  C                 D 
So you can take me by the hand and lead me home
When I am Lost?


E    B         F#m-A
You are the highway
 E                   B       F#m-A 
Apart from you are road downhill
You are the highest way
     B             F#m-A
The truth and the life
        E   B          F#m-A
There's no other road for me

D                       C
Speeding through wide open space
      D                  C
City cousins and the rolling plains
  D                         C
Chart the routes of the thunderstorms
           D                 C
Carve the canyons for the downpours of the rain

Repeat chorus

B                        C#m
Thousand may fall on my sides
B                     A
But I will drive as I read the signs
 B                       C#m              B
Keeping my eyes on the morning star turning right
I keep turning right

(repeat chorus)

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