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    Flat Tax

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I knew about this band about 3 weeks ago, and I do really like them, their music is 
rock and roll and well I hope you like it too.
I had the oportunity to watch them live and they are really really good and for me that 
what really matters, to see what a band live can do.
So you can listen this song and more on www.myspace.com/kleveland
Hope you like it


B E A F# A B//

BFill (x2444x@1)up your gas tank
All by yourself
EOver (022100@1)state lines it's a self service world
A F# A B
You've got to keep going, get away from her
BBut (x2444x@1)you'll feel alright once at city limits
EThere (022100@1)is another you're going to visit
A F# A B
She's always open, good in a crisis

BFollow (x2444x@1)paths of least resistance
DDon't (xx0232@1)know the difference(G A F# A B)
BI (x2444x@1)should not be surprised but I am
DCan't (xx0232@1)go the distance (G A F# A B)

Well things did not work out
exactly as planned
It started as love,
Then you start to feel scammed
And so you ducked out with a note on the door
Don't you just wish girls
Were like your old cars
You take out their keys
And change out their bad parts
Get under the hood, then you're done

(B A G F#)**** The whole bridge are just this chords****
No matter where you go
Or how far you drive
Try to forget, baby try to hide
You can't escape the past
It wants its due
and what you've done will take it's toll on you

So why don't you join me
I'll be your host
Rip out your heart
Raise it up in a toast
To easy come, and easy go
It's safer to give up than is to give in
Someone gets shattered
But you've got to admit
It's kind of a thrill
And you're good at it

****ending G A F# A G A 
A B****

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