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Capo 3d fret

Intro: D Dmaj7 D Dmaj A6 C G 


D Dmaj7 D Dmaj A6 C G 

I?d pack my suitcase with myself
But I?m already gone
Cleanse myself with vitamin health
But I?m already gone


I saw it risin? through the horizon
And I saw it fall

Am C F C G

A Jesus fever?s flowin? all over
Believers and lovers

(See chord chart for ? chords)

Em Emadd? C Cmaj7? G

The rest of the song follows the same pattern

In a black hole I found a broken skull
Now I?m already gone
You can write my whole life down in a little book
When I?m already gone

I started shaking and my heart breaking
And my belly crawled
A Jesus Fever?s flowin? all over
Believers and lovers

When I am a ghost, I?ll see no reason to run
When I?m already gone
If it wasn?t taped, you could escape this song
But I?m already gone

Chord chart

Emadd?       Cmaj7?
e-0                 e-0
b-0                 b-3
g-3                 g-0
d-2                 d-2
a-2                 a-3
E-0                 E-x
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