• Song:

    A Little Good News

  • Artist:

    Lacy J. Dalton

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C                    F                                               F/G 
  I rolled out this morning the kids had the morning news show on 
C                                                Am 
  Bryant Gumbel was talking bout the fighting in lebanon 
F                                               C 
  Some senator was squwking 'bout the bad e-con-o-my 
It's gonna get worse you see 
                    F7M       G7 
we need a change in policy 
C                               F              F/G 
   There's a local paper rolled up in a rubber band 
C                                       Am 
   One more sad story's one more than I  - can stand 
F                                       C 
   Just once how I'd like to see the headline say  
            Am                              F7M 
Not much to print today, Can't find nothing bad to say 
Chorus 1 
C                                   F6                 G9 
Nobody robbed a liqour store on the lower part of town 
C                              F6                   G9 
  Nobody OD'ed nobody burned a single building down 
C                                  F                       Dm7 
  Nobody fired a shot in anger no-body had to die in vain 
   C                G7                  C 
we sure could use a little good news to-day 
F6 G7 C F6 G7  
C                                          F                    F/G 
I'll come home this evenin' I bet that the news will be the same  
C                                       Am 
   Somebody takes a hostage somebody steals a plane 
F                                               C 
   How I wanna hear the anchor man talk about a  county fair  
                   Am                        F7M 
and how we cleaned up the air, HOw everybody learned to care, 
Oh tell me 
Chours 2 
C                             F6                     G9 
Nobody was assasinated in the whole third world today 
C                                                  F6               G9 
and in the streets of Ireland all the children had - to do was play 
C                                    F              Dm7 
and everybody loves everybody in the good old U.S.A 
    C                G7                  C 
we sure could use a little good news today 
C  F G 
Chorus 1
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