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D       Bm            G
I pull over for a feedbag, i thought of you,
          A              D           Bm
it wasn't bad you had direction and drive
        G                  A
and you arrived at closing time
       D                    Bm
to find they wiped down the bar
D                   Bm   G                 A
and they built you a bed laid your head to rest
             Bm   A       G
and left you try to true again
          D        Bm          G
you maybe proud then as it was always wish
    A                D          Bm
for thought i would imagine you off
              G        A
maybe i could see you again
             D               Bm
we could sit down and have a moment
           D            Bm
and talk about your suicide
            G             A
and i would put away your death
             Bm  A         G
if you could put away the dope
G           A
and all our enemies,
     Bm                   G
well there's no time for you to know them
G           A
any crooked mind disease
    Bm              G                   
but hopeless fools they will be missing you
G G G G G G  Bm Bm Bm  A
G G G G G G  Bm Bm Bm  A
G G G G  A A A

                 D        Bm
I pulled over for nostalgia
             G    D        A
i thought of suffering the joke
        D                 Bm
no one delivered the punchline
      G          A
no resolution is here
D                      Bm
i couldn't sharpen the view
G                       A   G
and it's still drawn to you waiting
       A                Bm
on the new but then this story
 G     D      A           D
has no end as we continue driving
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