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                                       Lagwagon - Dancing the Collapse
Tabbed by: Shankelstoff
Email: bjorn.fr@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard

Notes: The chords within the parenthesis are not mandatory. If you think
they're difficult to play, you don't have to as it sounds
good without them as well. Anyway, I hope you like the tab :)

C - G - A - F
Already here now, already done
combine and collapse. dancing with none
white is for "so dumb" blue is for "numb"

C          G                       E        F       G
yellow the streaks on their backs. they all step in line

              A D G                        C
I'm just a rug... under the foot prints of strangers
A    D            G  (F G)
all I need, all I know

C - G - A - F(G)
this one's for jimmy and two more for me
C                                        E           F       G              C
it's something you sell to your self it absolves you of your role - accidental...

C             G               A                    F                     C
pardoned the repeat offenders toll they missed the last week's wake it's cold

C - G - A - F
find yourself here now. dance the collapse
C         G           E        F        G
those aging children, they all know the steps

C - G - A - F(G)
I'm just a bug under the rug under the reap - absent
under the gray under the grief - absent
under the myth under the meek - absent
under courage under caring - absent
understudy understudy - absent
understudy understudy - absent!
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