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(Progression is same throughout song until end)
F A# Dm C 
F A# Dm 
Am Gm Am Gm Am Gm Am C

F                A#             Dm 
The shape of the sun ah, pretty ways pretty ways and
C         C7
things to come
F                A#               Dm
When this day is done you will collapse collapse into
(the funnel of) my arms

       Am                 Gm            Am
And as always they're not strong And as always you
     Gm           Am              Gm             Am
do believe and as always I'm very wrong about the cut
above the bleed

April she finds the sugar time and so slow, syrupy yeah
She'd be inside you shed away a shadow as we go

And you know, it's not bad and I'm so into the blue And
it's so, like goofy said I just fly above the few

The last thing we do turn our heads around, closer to 
the ground, you're falling

you and your masculine you forever benched sitting by 
the dirty window



Though this seems to be a drag you skirt around the
thing that's comfortable purple peppers dirty rags make
your life albeit more portable to turn around to follow
me don't follow me don't follow me don't follow me
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