• Song:

    Life Will Never Be The Same Again

  • Artist:

    Lame Immortelle

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Mkay.. been searching for some chords for this for some time now :)
But since I didn't find any I just turned my tuner on and sang it.. then selected 
some chords that matched the notes... This sort of works for me
Also I used a capo on the first fret.. no idea what key the original is from thou.. 
Band website as requested: http://www.lai-music.com/

   Gm             F       
On snow covered mountains
   A#             A7 
My soul lies to sleep 
 Gm            F     
Silent crying inside
    A#         A7 
My pain is so deep 

Counting the days 
As time passes by 
Thinking of past times 
I break down and cry 


A#         C           Gm
Life will never be the same again (x2)

Counting timeless tears 
Which I spillt for you 
You are my obsession 
I don't know where you're gone to 

I dream a dream of Hope 
Under Moonlit stars 
Tortured by reality 
Which has left it's scars 

In a World without feelings 
My dreams are all dead 
No one beside me 
I know where I am at 

Embracing the Silence 
In my loneliness 
Trying not to fear 
All the things I posses
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