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"Can't Let Go" by Landon Pigg
Tablature written by Chris Floyd (vapre -att- bellsouth -dott- net) 8/29/06
	E	G#	C#	C#2	B/F#	B	B2	B
e--     0	x	x	x	x	x	2	0
B--	0	4	5	5	x	x	4	2
G--	1	5	6	6	4	4	4	2
D--	2	6	6	6	4	4	4	2
A--	2	6	4	4	2	2	2	0
E--	0	4	x	4	2	x	x	x

Intro (and bridge)
E G#  A-bar
***Verse 1)***
A       		C# 	C#2	B/F# 	B		A
You're the closest 	thing 	I 	have to	bring up in a  	conversation
G# 		        B	E
about a love that 	didnt 	last...
C# 		        C#2	G#m 	B
but I could never 	call 	you 	mine
Cuz I could never 	call myself yours....
G#		        B    -    E
And if we were ever 	meant to be
C#			        A
well that would  justify        destiny
G#  		        B2	                A     A3
its not that our love   died, just never really bloo-oomed
****CHORUS*********  ****CHORUS********  
E		C#		        B/F#	 
I cant let go 	no I can't let go of 	you. 
B	                                A     E
Your holding me back without even 	tryin to
E		C#		        A
I can't let go	I can't move on from 	the past ...  
without lifting a finger you're me back

E G#  A
A		        C#	        B/F#
then we saw our 	paths di-	verge 
                        B	A
and I guess I felt 	OK 	about it
G# 		        B	E
until you got with 	another man
C# 		G#m
then I couldn't understand why it bothered me so
G#  			        B2		A	  A3
no we didn't die we just 	never had a 	chance to grow
second bridge (all bar chords)
F# 		   		        G#
and it maight not make much sense 	to you and any of my friends but
A 			        B
somehow still you affect the 	things I do
F# 	      			        G#
and you cant lose what you never had  	i dont understand why I feel sad
A 			        B
everytime I see you out with 	someone newwww
--Repeat CHORUS
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