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Artist: Langhorne Slim
Album: Engine EP
Song: Sweet Olive Tree

Standard Tuning - Capo Four

F G C Am

F         G            C
Theres a story I heard told
F               G              C            Am
Comes from the banks where the odd sailboat goes
       F                G         C     F
Now I dont know if its true but I say so
        C                G          F              C
Surely in it you will recognize somebody that you know

F           G          C
There was a gal in New Orleans
F            G                  C              Am
She could be sweet but my friend she could be mean
        F                  G          C       F
Really with her there was very litle in between
     C                 G         F                    C
She kissed gentlemens lips beneath the sweet olive trees

G                             F
They never knew their woman
She never knew her man
F                C
I wanna know my woman
F                   C
Want her to know her man
                     F           C
Well if you know you too many people
       Am                G
Your hearts bound to go bad

F G C Am

F              G                  C
One dude she knew got sick with hurt
F         G             C          Am
He overheard his babys filth and dirt
      F     G     C            F
So he hid a .22 beneath his shirt
              C           G             F                    C
Then went to pay a her a visit at the place in which she worked

            F          G             C
Well if you find someone you love a lot
F          G               C             Am
I'd recommend you give it everything you got
       F             G            C      F
Either way you'll be sittin pissin in a pot
         C              G                 F              C
But at least it will be with someone you love and you trust

G                         F
Nobody knows their woman
Nobody knows their man
F                     C
I'd die to know my woman
           F              C
Kill for her to know her man
                   F               C          Am
Just want to take it beyond the initial shaking
Of my own sweaty nervous hand

Or else I might be bad

F G C Am

F C F (arpeggios)


There are numerous walk-ups/walk-downs that are pretty obvious in the recording so I 
include them.
Folk music isn't about being exactally precise, it's about taking an established tune 
making it your own
so if you can figure out the different intracices of the song, swell,
but if you can't, just do what you can and make it your own.

As always listen to the recording while you're playing along and feel free to embellish 
chords with hammers and pulls and so forth.
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