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tabbed by : danny vipond
anything wrong just email me : dan_vipond@hotmail.co.uk
fantastic song and a really catchy guitar rift

tuning: one step up on all strings

this is my first time at trying to tab someything so be nice

intro :                 up and down strokes relese the pressure on the down strokes
E----9--7---5-¦    ¦¦-the bass  -7x7x7x7¦¦
B-------------¦    ¦¦-plays     -7x7x7x7¦¦
G-7/9-9\7-7\6-¦    ¦¦-an        -7x7x7x7¦¦
D-------------¦    ¦¦-A note    -9x9x9x9¦¦x2
A-------------¦    ¦¦-before    -9x9x9x9¦¦
E-------------¦    ¦¦-the guitar-7x7x7x7¦¦

main rift : 

||¦¦----------------------¦¦       --7-5-7-5-7-5-7-5||all from the beggining
||¦¦-------------------5--¦¦       -7-5-7-5-7-5-7-5-||of the main rift to 
||¦¦-------------2-4-6---6¦¦       -----------------||the sencond part
||¦¦-------2-2-4----------¦¦x2then -----------------|| of it repeated twice
||¦¦-0/4-4----------------¦¦       -----------------||
||¦¦----------------------¦¦       -----------------||

verse 1 : 
just the main rift played twice

chorus : up and down strokes but relese the pressure for down strokes

 A   F#m Bm  Emaj 
||-5x5x2x2x7x7x9x9x||  on the 3rd and 4th
||-6x6x2x2x7x7x9x9x||   time play with slight distortion
||-7x7x4x4x9x9x9x9x||x4 and up and down strokes 

verse 2 main rift :
just the main rift played three times


verse three: 
different to the other verses

   A   C#7     


finish on A bar chord

i hope this sounds correct to you when i play along to the song it sounds near enough perfect
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