• Song:

    Hillbilly Cock

  • Artist:

    Larry Pierce

  • Album:

    Larry Pierce 20 Favorit...

"Hillbilly Cock" - by Larry Pierce
Transcribed by Maniac1075
Author Note: Basic slow 12 bar blues in the key of (F)

[Riff 1]
	I got a sweet little country girl

	Long tanned legs, and pretty blond curls
	She?s really into music always tapping her feet
	Lookin? all around for something to beat
	Every time she sees me she unzips my pants
	Pulls out my pecker and goes into a trance

	She likes her country music, she gets into the beat
	She keeps her rhythm by beating my meat
	She strokes it up and down with a dirty old sock
        (C)                                    (F)
	My baby likes her music and my hillbilly cock

[Riff 2]

	I took her cruising on a Saturday night
	She jumped into my car and snuggled up real tight
	The first thing that she reached for was the radio
	She started rockin? and tappin? her toe
	With one hand on the gear shift stick
	The other reachin? to grab hold of my dick

[back to chorus]

	She likes that old time rock n roll
	She really moves it up and down my pole
	But if you mix a little country and rock
	(C)                                      (F)
	She just can?t seem to get enough of my cock

[Riff 3]

	I?m gonna take her home with me real soon
	I?ll have a stereo in every room
	With country CD?s stacked six feet high
	From Marty Stewart to Clint Black and Why?
	I?ll lock the doors and let the telephone ring
	Pull out my dick and let her do her thing

[Back to Chorus]
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