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    One White Tulip

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This is a really easy song to play, if im correct only three different chords in its 
the chord changes might not be perfect, but they give the idea. In the last chorus the 
progression is   A   E  but  A   B   E  works too. Enjoi :)

E - 022100
B - X24400
A - 002200


E   A

E              A     E                 A
I was just thinking, about how time flies

E                  A        E                   A
And that we're all drifting, like clouds in the sky

A       B           E
And you, have always been there

A       B           E
And now, we have all changed


A                           E (one stroke)
And its been one, beautiful life

Verse 2:

E             A      E            A
I was just wondering, on how to recall

E                 A    E                  A
The wonderful memories, and how they all fall

A          B                       E
Into place, like the smile on your face

         A              B
Like the kisses and the tears,

           E (one stroke)
that we've shared


A                           E
And its been one, beautiful life

      A                    E
And I know, its tasted its trials

(no guitar)
And it's not over
It's only begun

Verse 3:

play intro twice, (E, A) then:

E                   A
We've always been different

E           A
But never alone

E             A
Like one white tulip

E                 A
That stands on its own

A       B           E
And you, will always be here

   A        B         E
And we will, stay the same


This one just repeats itself until the end...

A                           E
And it's been one beautiful life

A                          E
And I know, it's tasted its trials
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