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The La's - Knock me down
Words & music - Lee Mavers/La's
UK bonus track (2001)

D - xx0232
Cadd9* - x32030 (Play either)
Cadd9 - x32033
G - 320033

This is my interpretation of the song. Im not sure whether these chords are 
correct, but it gives you an idea. 

Intro; remember to listen to the track closely to mimic the rhythm

A----------0-3-3 (Just work out the rest of the riff, its quite basic.)

D          Cadd9 G
Well I got woke  up this morning
     D       Cadd9   G
by a chimney singing crow
    D    Cadd9 G
who came to    tell me that
     D      Cadd9    G
I've got no-place to go
D             Cadd9 G
Well I closed up my suitcase and
       D        Cadd9    G
I came tumblin' down the lane
    D          G      Cadd9
I'm Jack-n-the-Box by name
          D        G    Cadd9
a 'bobbin knock-me-down a-gain

(The rest of the song uses the same chords I think.)

Well I went fixin' on upon a
word o' life savin' drug
well I've skinned and fell at the bottom of
one long faith called love
well I paid what it cost me
all it got me was good pain
I'm Jack n' the Box by name
a 'bobbin Knock Me Down Again
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