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Band: The La's
Tuning: Standard - EADGBE
Album: The La's
Tabbed by: J4f94

This is probably similar to the way it is played on the 1991 Much Music interview 
with Lee Mavers and John Power. 

Intro; A Dsus2 A Dsus2

A          Em           G
The melody always finds me
             D               A
Whenever the thought reminds me
           Em              G   Dsus2
Breaking a chain inside my he--ad
A          Em            G
The melody chord unwinds me
              D           A
The rhythm of life unties me
             Em            G    
Brushing the hands of time away

F#m                 Dsus2
If you look in your mind
       A                  G   Dsus2
Do you know what you will fi--nd

(Rest of the song is a repeat of the previous verses)

Open your mind...
Even the words they fail me
Oh look what it's doing to me
I never say what I want to say
It's only a word believe me
If only the world could see me
I promise I'd send the word away
If you look with your eyes
Do you know what you will find
Open your mind
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