• Song:

    The Longest Day

  • Artist:

    Laura Gibson

  • Album:

    If You Come To Greet Me

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The Longest Day - Laura Gibson
tabbed by Eugene Seah

capo 5

F - 13000X (G string occasional hammer-on to 2)
G - 320003 (A string is hammered-on from 0 to 2 at times)
C - X32010 (D string hammer-on to 3 for F bass)

F                G            
so much for the longest day
the subtle glow slowly fading
F        G
so goes another year...
the seasons change 

I've seen the glow of the view
upon Alameda drive
here in my empty room
only candles glow tonight

tell me again
press my hands to your lips
       G                C
as you sing of love and life
don't leave me now
here in my darkest hour
as the longest day turns night

so when did I become this serious 
and solemn one
so when does life feel like the longest day
love tends to leave you tight
you go and feel.. every moment

(verse chords extend for one more round here)
so go on call out my bluff
pretend you never won me over


Tada tada bit - 
F G Am Em F G Am Em G

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