One of her best songs, and there's no tab for it! Thought I had to figure out the chords 
at least. This isn't the way she plays it, but it works.

Chords used:
G:                     334553
D7 2nd invertion:      575755
Bm7 with b9 variation: 877797
A7sus4 2nd inversion:  030200
Asus2 2nd inversion:   002200
No idea of the name:   000200 (let's call it Em-)
A7 2nd inversion:      020200
Em:                    000220
D:                     232000

She picks the chords at the beginnig and then strums softly. You can figure out the 
picking, it isn't that difficult, you just have to listen

Laura Marling - Darkness Descends

G                      Bm7                 D7                  G
You're holding bits of Styrofoam with your face painted on to your friends
You listen to them whine and moan about everything you can't understand

Asus4      Asus2       Em-      Asus2
Can I just say I don't fear the light?
But darkness descends once more into my life

G                  Bm7                  D7                G
And suddenly we're all alone in silence so I take a step away
I look up to the falling snow as it makes its home upon my face

Asus4                  Asus2        Em-        Asus2
Well I wouldn't want to ruin something I couldn't save
The gap will keep us safe, the gap will keep us safe

G    Asus2 G               Asus2
Step away, get me when I'm down

Em A7 Em

G                Bm7                 D7                     G
And suddenly I'm 5 years old and I'm just so cold I want to cry
I haul up on my gentlemen who have always been there in hard times

Asus4            Asus2     Em-    Asus2
They're just not like that man of mine
Who visits me from time to time

G  Asus2 G          Asus2
My love, I treasure you

Em A7 Em

G                    Bm7              D7                      
I hear that summer's coming back so I stretch out my back and travel on
The winter though it darkens me it is pure and clean and all I want

Asus4     Asus2       Em-    Asus2
I'll apologise to the ones I love
For leaving them when the sun comes up

G           Asus2  G          Asus2
Too bright for me, darkens descends

Em A7 Em

Em               A7             Em                    A7
Oh well, I'm not well again and once more darkness it descends
The ground is falling under me and I can't find the means to leave

G                   Bm7            D7                    G
Convinced that I am going mad oh I bury my head into his hands
So sure that I am losing faith oh I clear a space in his father's land

Asus4       Asus2 Em-     Asus2
You deal with God far too young,     D
Before you know it your life has run away

This happens to be my very first tab, but I don't need your pity, so feel free to tell 
me that it is completely wrong and that I suck!
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