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Morrissey "The Great one"
Reg tunning/ no capo needed for this song

Chords: E, A, C#minor, B


E           A
Black-eyed Susan
E           A 
You make us nervous
               C#m        B                  A
Because we're very aware that you do not care
     E           A
Oh, Black-eyed Susan
       E        A
What don't you believe in ?
C#m           B           A
No is always easier than Yes
Whoo !

E           A
Black-eyed Susan
E          A
You must insist :
C#m                   B        A
You are a born-again atheist, oh
E           A
Oh, heavy-rings on
E         A
Bitten fingers
C#m                 B
Black-eyed Susan sometimes
Shakes to break
So, watch it

Morrissey such an awesome song writter, artist and person. This is a very rare
song not alot of people have heard it, but just in case someones looking for
the tab here it is. Carlos_M_Diaz@hotmail.com
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